The Sunbeam Tiger Tool Roll

This section is intended for identifying the correct items for the Sunbeam Tiger Tool Roll. Unfortunately, I do not have the spark plug wrench or tommy bar for the spark plug wrench. As a result, I am in the market for said items. Please email me at: if you want to sell these items.

The Sunbeam Tiger Tool Roll consists of the following items:
1. Black Vinyl Tool Roll (176K) with gray fabric tie strap. No writing. Unrolled, top view. (200K) Unrolled, bottom view. (67K)
2. Wood Handled Screw Driver. (136K) No writing.
3. Unpainted Nave Plate Extractor. (63K) No writing.
4. Lucas Ignition Screw Driver. (63K) ".014", ".016", and "LUCAS" stamped on it. Lucas Part Number 400935 RD 5 4.
5. Black Painted Pliers with cutters. (120K) No writing
6. Black Painted Adjustable Wrench. (62K) "KING DICK" stamped on it.
7. Set of four Black Painted Superslim Openend Wrenches. (633K) Wrench sizes have sizes cast on both sides. "SUPERSLIM" is cast in the center of each wrench on one side and "MADE IN" symbol "ENGLAND" on the other. The symbol is a circle with a horizontal line drawn through it with a "T" cast in the left half-circle and a "W" cast in the right half-circle. The letters are on their sides with their bottoms towards the "ENGLAND" side. Wrench sizes are (left to right): "13/16AF 11/16AF", "3/4AF 5/8AF", "9/16AF 1/2AF"; "1/2AF 7/16AF" and if you have a MK II; "15/16AF 7/8AF".
8. Black Painted Spark Plug Wrench. (98K)
9. Black Painted Spark Plug Wrench Tommy Bar. (275K)

Keep your eyes peeled for these tools as you go about your business. I found a pair of pliers at a DeAnza flea market. These tools were bought from standard tool vendors in the U.K. and were used in the tool kits of numerous British cars. They may also have been sold in retail stores as well. I expect that they are much more prevalent in the U.K. than in the U.S, so people living in the U.K. may be able to supply the ready U.S. market for these tools.

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