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Remembering Rootes

Volume 2 of our popular Remembering Rootes publication covering the later vehicles of the early 1960’s is now available.  This includes the vehicles of Commer, Humber, Hillman, Singer and Sunbeam (Alpine & Tiger).  These are a compilation of extracts from the magazines (Modern Motoring & Travel) published by the Rootes company in the day including numerous features by Jack Brabham testing the vehicles, adverts, history, race reports, etc………….  They recall happy memories for those who are old enough to remember and enlighten those who are not to the great-varied activities the company embarked upon.

Mercian Manuals Ltd, 353 Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common, Coventry CV7 7DL, +44 (0) 1676 533304
Volume 1 covers the early 1950’s vehicles


"Works Wonders"

by Marcus Chambers
For those that need the reminder Mr. Chambers was head of Rootes Competition from 1964 through 1968. He replaced Norman Garrard just before the '64 LeMans effort and chronicles his experiences in a new book "WORKS WONDERS". Among other remembrance, a full 2 1/2 chapters deal with the Tiger and other Rootes cars. It is rumored to have many pictures and has been blessed by none other the David Duncanson.

It can be found under the MRP label (Motor Racing Publication Ltd.) for somewhere around 17 pounds.

Unit #6
The Pilton Estate
46 Pitlake
Croydon, England

"The Book of Norman, Vol. I"

by Norman Miller, Rootes Group Depot, 1994
Definitive description of the Sunbeam Tiger for the serious restorer or interested individual. Includes detailed descriptions of difference s between model years and geograpies. Contains the only illustrated description of all LAT options. Contains a listing of the Sunbeam Tiger Registry. MWO
(Available exclusively from Sunbeam Specialties)

"Tiger, The Making of a Sports Car"

by Mike Taylor, Gentry Books, London
1st edition, 1979. Reprinted 1984
2nd edition, 1991.
Published by: Haynes Publishing Group, Sparkford, Nr Yeovil, Somerset BA22 7JJ
Available from EWA at (908) 665-7811, $45.
This is written from a British point of view. I think it's nicely written; lots of good background stuff. Naturally the current American scene is somewhat lacking. RN

Also available from EWA at (908) 665-7811:

"Sunbeam Tiger & Alpine Gold Portfolio"

for $24. This is the book that reprints a collection of road tests from various magazines.

"Tiger, An Exceptional Motorcar"

by William Carroll, Auto Book Press, 1978.
Reprints available from Sunbeam Specialtes.
This is a softbound book, rather short at 111 pages. Like other Carroll books, accuracy isn't his high point. Production quality isn't as good as Taylor's book. RN Noted inaccuracies: 1. One of his mistakes is a picture caption identifying the 1964 F Production champion Alpine as a Tiger.

"Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger 1959-1967"

Currently out of print.
Brooklands Books collection of articles (mostly road tests) of Alpines and Tigers by contemporary magazines. The magazines reprinted are mostly British, but some Road & Track and Car & Driver articles are included. RN

"The Rootes Brothers, Story of a Motoring Empire"

by John Bullock, Patrick Stephens Limited, 1993
This interesting book was written by the head of public relations for the Rootes Group in the 1950s and 1960s. There is very little Tiger specific information, but the book does offer an interesting history for the company. There was a great deal of information in it that I had never seen before. RN

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