Compression Ratio Calculator V1.6, Copyright (C) 2024 Mark Olson & Todd Warren
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Be sure to check all of the default values for your particular engine. We are not responsible for any problems due to errors in this calculator.

Select your base engine configuration:

4.6L Base Configuration selected.

Configure your motor (all lengths are in inches and volumes in CCs unless otherwise noted):

Bore (B):                               
Gasket Bore (G):                   
Piston TL Dia (P):                 0
Stroke (S):                             
Crank Throw (S/2):               0
Con Rod Length (L):             
Compression Height (H):      
Deck Height (Dh):                 
Ring to Piston Top (r):           
Piston To Deck Height (d):    0
Gasket Thickness (t):             
Cylinder Volume (V):            0
Volume Above Ring (Vt):      0
Valve Notches/Dish (Vn):      
Dome Volume (Vd):               
Piston to Deck Volume (Vp): 0
Gasket Volume (Vg):             0
Head Volume (Vh):                
Volume Clearance (Vcl):        0

Compression Ratio (CR):       0
Liters:                                      0
Cubic Inches:                          0
Rod Stroke Ratio:                   0
Piston to Head:                       0