Ebay has once again served as venue for a nearly successful ruse.  This outwardly pleasing exhibit - B382001650 LRXFE
appeared with all the fanfare one would expect, including a lengthy description of costly upgrades. A $25,000.00 starting bid
 seemed right in line with listings for similar vehicles and was soon jumped on in hopes of finding an unknown reserve.
The only fly in this ointment, was a mid-nineties entry in The International Registry Of Sunbeam Tigers.  The "Alger" nature
of this car had been exposed by an experienced marque supporter and so noted in the comments associated with the chassis number.
A warning alert was posted to the Tiger mailing list, along with notification to the seller that he should adjust his listing verbiage, since
the car was not a factory built Sunbeam Tiger.  As you might expect, the news did not meet a disinterested audience, but surprisingly,
the major bidders remained completely ignorant of potential doom.  During the short period it took to get everyone informed,
$29,000.00 was on the table and at least one bidder reported intentions of pledging over $35,000.00.
To his credit, the seller modified the listing with an open admission of "conversion" derivation.  In due course, all bidders
retreated and the auction ended as though there had been no bids.
 I remind you that several of the owners connected with this car claimed that it was the genuine article.  They pointed
to supposed "in-the-know" cohorts with lots of "Tiger" experience and years of registration as testament of its purity.

Just when things had settled down - the owner of this piece decided to re-list it.
Sadly, the new description still contained the words,
Sunbeam Tiger.  Unlike the first posting, all references to a chassis
number were removed, but there was a new and confusing phrase, "not authenticated".
Mercifully, it failed to meet the reserve.  Despite contentions to the contrary, this machine remains an
Alpine Conversion.

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