This car is being identified by its seller as MK II - B382100289 LRXFE.  I'm told it's located in the Philadelphia area
and is on the market for somewhere around $13,000.  Until I started exchanging email (7/03) with a possible buyer, the "Registry"
 had no previous history for the vehicle represented by both the Chassis and JAL numbers, included in the first post.
Thankfully, there is little question about what is going on here.  In spite of the work required to get the project to this point,
only an unquestioning neophyte could be fooled into believing the "factory" was involved in creating the "Tiger" displayed here.
If the term "Alpine Conversion" ever needed elucidation, reviewing these images should serve the purpose nicely.   
 While I don't have names to share, I can tell you that the "Registry" entry for B382100289 is now clearly labeled "Alger" and
any future communication will carry said warning.

Alley - 1

Alley - 2 Alley - 3 Alley - 4 Alley - 5 Alley - 7

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