Here is a real "unreal" jewel.  This one was presented via Kruse International and their ebay "Valet" listing service.
The car was touted as a 1967 MK II Tiger, with much verbiage covering its connection to high performance and celebrity.
The only numbers mentioned (assuming an intent to reference something Rootes) were both mis-listed.
"8382100395" was supplied as the "VIN" number and "E382100399" was given as a Shelby vehicle serial number.
  The "Registry" shows MK II chassis B382100395 as "JUNKED", but notes that the tags are still out there.
B382100399 is an entry that has yet to be claimed, so anything is possible.  It's important to point out the following
from the Kruse "Terms & Conditions" statement:
2. All statements printed in Kruse catalogues, ads, brochures, signs and car cards as well as verbal statements
 made by the auctioneer or staff, have come from the Seller and are accepted as reliable. Kruse assumes no responsibility
 or liability for representations made by Sellers and shall have no obligation to verify or authenticate such statements or claims.

 Bidding went to $15,600.00, before pressure from several, pushy Tiger emailers forced removal of this Alpine Conversion.  Then amazingly, Kruse re-listed the car as a "1967 Sunbeam Tiger Convertible", making only subtle changes in the description.  The "VIN" number was corrected to read "B382100395" and the Tiger community had to renew its badgering of the listing agents.  After far too many ignored contacts, the auction item was withdrawn for a second time.  One can only hope this counterfeit will remain out of the limelight. 
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