HELP - they're back and at it again.  Looks like the chump who got stung buying this "mockup" through
"H & H Classic Auctions" back in 2004, has decided to divest, or at least make it someone else's headache.
Here is his ad from the April 2006 issue of Classic & Sports Cars.

I admonish you to review my earlier verbiage about this "look-a-like", included below:

You "gotta" love it.  If  you think you're looking at an ex-works rally car, you'd be
in the same boat the current owner of this machine occupies.  His 40,950.00
 high bid, purchased little more than a Series V Alpine tart .  Of course, it's dressed
with a proper Tiger chassis plate - B9473705 LROFE and that all important
English Registration - FRW 667C, but $60,000 U.S. is "oodles" for
 a slam-bam-thank-you-mam "Alpine Conversion"
In case you missed it, this counterfeit was passed on by a well known and informed
(I sent them email and placed a call)
"H & H Classic Auctions"
Whitegate Farm
Hatton Lane
United Kingdom

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