If I can trust recent rumblings (5/06), "Central Valley Classics", in Fresno, California, is no longer
struggling to pass on this somewhat infamous "Alpine Conversion".  It has been SOLD.  We're told
 the buyer was fully aware of its "Alger" bloodline, making the reported $38,000.00 purchase price a bit
hard to accept.  Now that it's in private ownership again, we're far less likely to need the reminder of how it was
unearthed at the first West Coast Tigers United to employ a "Tigers-Only" rule concerning trophy winners.
No one has argued the quality of workmanship involved in creating this doppelganger, but affixing a
"factory" number plate - B382000046 LRXFE - does not change the non-factory nature of its creation.
  Hopefully it will thrive "out-of-the-limelight" for a change and this particular "Alley Of Alger" can be closed
for the foreseeable future.
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