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During the years of Tiger Press publication, subscribers enjoyed one of the few meaningful efforts to communicate with the Tiger fraternity. Each issue featured articles aimed at the broad interests of marque devotees. Contributing editors chronicled subject matter from one end of the Tiger spectrum, to the other, including several new discoveries. However, time restraints and the desire to undertake the writing of a second volume of "Norman Nonsense", prompted the cessation of Tiger Press publication.  A brief issue by issue synopsis follows:

These five magazines made up the complete first subscription package, with Issue #1 included as complimentary.

The inaugural issue highlighted a group of daily drivers ("Batch Of Beaters"), an ex-works rally machine ("Targa Tiger") and the reconstruction of the fabled Ford 4-speed ("Top-loader Rebuild").

Issue number two contained ("Shelby's Other Car") the first of a multipart saga about the #45 race Tiger, an examination of miniature V8's ("PeeWee Power") and a retrospective ("Canary Cars") on Tiger motorsport from the isle of Tenerife.

The Winter edition introduced ("Pumpkin Patch") an ongoing step-by-step to re-skinning the Tiger, ("V.I.T.A.C.") announcing a fresh Canadian Tiger Club attempt, headquartered out of Vancouver Island, BC and a reasoned look at the nature of torque ("The Newton Factor").

Wrapping up a four issue sub-scription, the Spring '96 magazine offered ("Good Golly Miss Holley") a detailed how-to for street, or strip, an amazing New York discovery of a dealer installed LAT 1 induction Kit ("King's Family Jewels") and a unique subscriber-only auction for an original Tiger tool roll

Issue five continued in the pattern of its predecessors with ("What's It All About Alphi?") a completely new revelation about Ford Industrial Division records ("Head To Head"), dyno comparisons of three major manufactures' aluminum heads, plus the personal story ("Thunderbus") from the current owner of ex-factory rally car, AHP 294B.

Second contract subscribers were entitled to four magazine, the last of which (5/02) has just been completed.  I'm embarrassed it took so long to finish this series, but relieved to call it a wrap - the "mags" are in the mail.

The sixth offering presented a fascinating review ("A is for Alpine, F is for Ford") featuring new information concerning the "factory pilot cars". Some much needed help with starter and generator rebuilds came to light in ("Power Trip") and ("Torque vs. Horsepower") afforded an examination of some basic engineering principals that should be better understood than they are.

With the seventh magazine clear of the post office, readers enjoyed, in ("Six Appeal") a chance to examine my latest sleuthing concerning nearly forgotten elements of the "Jensen" ledgers. Small-block freaks were served a major helping through ("Hot For HiPo's"). This in-depth review of the most sought after hop up goodies in the hood, should go a long way toward filling in the old knowledge gaps.

Number eight was the next to last issue of my humble ramblings. Aside from the normal dribble found in a scathing editorial, the lead story ("Color by Numbers") investigated some marvelous permeations derived from filtering the TIROST database into original "factory" color codes. Focus was also directed at a couple of ancillary topics, supposedly revealing never before published Jensen Motors Ltd. "Interception Reports". They are there, but I'm embarrassed to admit, not what I thought they were. Additionally, I'd included a complete reprint ("Positraction - Here's The Scoop") of the Spicer/Thornton "Powr-Lok", installation and maintenance instructions manual - straight from the Salisbury Division of the DANA Corporation. In a parting shot, possibly the last re-look at ("Purebred or Pauper") the 50 Mystery machine, hoping as always, to find the grail.

At long last, the ninth and final epistle is off to the masses. Let me be the first to acknowledge the extended waiting period, in fact most will be totally shocked to find  this virtually forgotten magazine in the post. Regardless, in the best of "Press" traditions, readers are regaled with ("Pumpkin Patch") the wrap-up of our multi-part Tiger sheet-metal replacement feature. For the pick-your-part crowd,  contributing editor Jerry Heasley, spreads his informed version of junkyard gospel ("Decoding FoMoC0 Numbers"), while the old know-it-all HeadEd chimes in with ("The Tower Of Babble") a stinging rebuke of way too many imaginary marque clerics. Lastly, a rare retraction ("Vignale Folly") corrects a totally harmless, but possibly misleading diversion from last time.  No matter what I said, "extras" from the Jensen Ledgers had nothing to do with the Tiger. 

As noted above, the final magazine has finished its journey through the production process. The total printing for this issue and all issues for that matter, was just a breath over 200  (the minimum needed to meet the postal requirements for bulk mailing).  Printing was home-grown on our very own ageing HPPs, so each magazine qualifies as a distinctive, limited production, handmade booklet.  
To the happy subscribers that have been with us from the beginning - I thank you for your extreme patience and support, it would not have happened without you.  To the subscribers that joined along the way  -   I apologize for stretching a four magazine commitment into five years of waiting and wondering, but not a bit for the quality and content of the final product.  To the rest of you - maybe some other time.

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