Earliest notations from the Jensen "ledgers" fix the beginning of Sunbeam Tiger production in June, of 1964.  Referencing the chassis number logs, totals for the 1965 MK 1 model year ran to some 3,763 machines.  We're told initially there was no plan to sell into the "home" market.  But, by whatever process, RHD examples started appearing during the final third, of first-year output.  Ongoing efforts to tally "HRO" count have reviewed the entire Tiger production record and returned somewhere close to 870 aspirants, most being MK 1s.  In the "little known fact category", two additional groups of RHD cars need mentioning.  The CKD operation sent 73, late 1965 MK 1 Tigers to South Africa and the EXPORT program (RRO) produced an extremely small clique of ten. 


The first Tigers to be earmarked as vehicles for the 1966 model year were, as you would expect, constructed during the end of 1965.  In truth, many were being completed alongside their younger siblings.  On the inaugural day of '66 production (Monday, the 9th of August) fourteen Tigers are reported to have completed the assembly trek.  Half were old-model MK 1s and interestingly, all of those were destined for "home" market buyers.  The seven new-model cars (all built for export to North America) became a part of final "MK 1A"  production, topping out at 2,706.  Only a handful of the improved machines were commissioned to RHD specification.  Thus far, the '66 HRO family consists of no more than 30 or so, even with the most generous projections.  And, speaking of scarcity, only one RRO example has been unearthed within the MK 1A family to date. 

Production for the 1967 model year commenced December 19th, 1966, as two "production analysis" vehicles (chassis B382100001 and B382100002) tested a reworked Jensen assembly line.  Accommodating the new 4.7 engine required a myriad of adjustments before full-on startup - 12/21/66.  When it was all over (Tuesday, the 27th of June, 1967) a mere 536 MK 2s had rolled from the Jensen West Bromwich facility.  While none were supposed to have been configured to RHD layout, six, very special builds ended up bolstering the pursuit efforts of several UK police squadrons.  To further stretch the "home alone" quotient, four standard production HRO MK 2s have turned up at role call, including B382100633 HROFE, the final marque example.