Almost unbelievable.  De ja vu is getting a serious stress-test with this out-'n-out DECEPTION.  No doubt, failing to successfully traverse the Royal Ascot Auction dais during its last outing has much to do with a renewed selling effort.  Here we go again.  This time, from a Roxwell Racing classified in the February, 2009 issue of MotorSport magazine.  Not surprisingly, it's back to FALSE claims of pedigree and prowess.  To enhance the ILLUSION, the current peddler has added Tiger side-trim to the flanks of his Alpine body.   Apparently, if you can't find somebody willing to shell out 35,000 for pyrite, tell them it's platinum worth 45,000 - .  The salient point remains the same.  This car is NOT A TIGER.  Please, spread the word and let's put an end to such foolishness.

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