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The International Registry Of Sunbeam Tigers

The real Rootes 1 - a small 1900's cycle shop at Hawkhurst in Kent.  Such modest beginnings typified the first blushes of automotive history and from this one, the brothers Rootes fashioned a major British motor manufacturing firm.  At the apex of their fortunes came three short years of Sunbeam Tiger production.  The story of that brief harvest and its many permeations is the focus of this website - enjoy.

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Miles/Garrad prototype #1

Shelby/Boskoff prototype #2

Jensen/Lister prototype #3

As a part of ongoing exploration, many new discoveries have been added to the Sunbeam Tiger saga.  Here you will find fresh historical perspective, topical technical data and a myriad of offerings covering a broad range of subjects.  I like to think this collection of pages is an unmatched resource of Tiger information and I'm certain there is more to come.  If, through the links below, you don't locate what you're searching for: 


Add to, or query the only worldwide record of surviving Tigers.


Delve into the history, development, and contemporary adventure of the Sunbeam Tiger.


Explore an "A to Z" collection of marque "tidbits".

Inspect a few "for sale" items you might not find

Look back on one of the most complete Tiger resources ever published.

Look into some recent thoughts on the subject of "classic" cloning.


Inspect some known

Look again at a never to be repeated Tiger gathering, "Tigers United XXII".

Look reflectively at a unique marque magazine, copies of which already form a must-have collection.



The Olson Annex

Tiger Web Page

The Depot Annex

Rootes Group Depot

The Spencer Annex


The NorCal Annex

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