Since the initial posting of this "caution", some fresh information needs to be acknowledged. I'm now fairly certain these images were used to support a spoof eBay listing, back in November of 2007.  A part of the item description called out, "66 SUNBEAM TIGER NEW HOT AND FAST ROOTES MK1A CHEEP".  There was no mention of the VIN, although it was supplied to me via eBay's "Ask Seller A Question" service.   That number, B382000964 LRXFE and its matching JAL tag just happen to be mounted on an Alpine Conversion, however, the up-front owner of that car assures me he knew what it was when he bought it, has no interest in selling it and has never listed it on eBay.  We're still trying to figure out how the pictures were purloined and by whom.  To be fair, this would not be the first time a scam like this has been presented under the banner Sunbeam Tiger.  Some should  remember a "bargain" MK II the seller was willing to drop-ship to your front door for free.  Even though it appears no one was damaged financially, the time and energy wasted chasing "make believe" is completely frustrating.  We're  probably finished with this one for the time being, but without question, now is not the time to become complacent.
More power to the
grapevine -  one of the marque's best protections.  

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