Continuing Proof
that scammers never rest.  The "SHAPE-SHIFTER" offered at attempts to pass for pre-eminence, but the fresh facade only disguises a pretender we've seen before.  The diligent might remember our warning from September of 2004.  The car in question was a stolen, all square cornered MK IA, re-tagged with B9470046 LRXFE MK I "ID" elements.  Adding to the saga, various reports traced the suspect to AUSTRIA and a second identity switch to MK II credentials - B382100442 LRXFE.  Rumor is now reality.  Here (under the thumbnail links) you'll find exhibits of what is being hyped as an "extravagantly...restored" Sunbeam Tiger MK2.  Verbiage aside, the underpinning of this highly massaged "Pressed Steel" unibody has not been what it seems since the day it was stolen, in 1970.

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