Tigers United XXII

A Little History:

The first "Tigers United" was held in 1974, at Grants Pass, Oregon. The original concept belongs to long time STOA member, Bruce Fountain. At that time, the only officially organized Tiger clubs were STOA (Sunbeam Tiger Owners Association) CAT (California Association of Tigers) and, the now disbanded, CATS (Canadian Association of Tigers). Bruce thought it would be great to get all of the West Coast Tiger owners together. Grants Pass seemed an ideal spot, midway between Canada and Mexico and the rest is history. Owners came from all over, resulting in an event so successful, the clubs decided to continue having the gathering annually.
By the time the third "Tigers United" rolled around, Ashland, Oregon was the site and Ian Garrad (Father of the Tiger) had been invited as Guest of Honor. Ian (who had lost interest in the Tiger after the demise of Rootes and the Chrysler "buy out") took some convincing , but finally agreed to attend. He arrived during the Concours and was so impressed with the condition of the cars and the enthusiasm of the participants that he contacted Lord Rootes in England to share his experience. It was that conversation that lead to the creation of the Lord Rootes Award and its eventual first presentation in 1977. Topping a long list of subsequent winners, a diligent Southern Californian, Bruce Shaffer, has the distinction of being the first Lord Rootes Trophy recipient.
Ian and his wife Laura, became regular visitors at every "Tigers United". Laura Garrad continued, in commemoration of her late husband, to honor us as a special guest and delighted in presenting, the now coveted Lord Rootes Trophy to each deserving winner.  With Laura's passing in 2002, a bit of the special nature of those ceremonies was lost forever.


Howie Schoenfeld was a Hollywood neighbor of Ian and Laura Garrad during the development and eventual production of the Sunbeam Tiger. He was an ever-present visitor to their household, drawn we're told, by the diverse assortment of cars Ian brought home. In a manner of speaking, the Garrads adopted Howie as a second son and once exposed to Ian's pet project there was no escape. When he grew up, ongoing Tiger interests led him to a leadership role inside the California Association of Tiger Owners (CAT). From that platform his influence spread to the entire Sunbeam community, where he became celebrated for the passion he brought to everything Tiger and anything labeled LAT. Even on the day of his untimely death, Howie was completely immersed in the enjoyment of Tiger friends and the cars that had become the focus of his young life. In memory of their son, Mr. and Mrs. Schoenfeld had an award created, which like the Lord Rootes trophy is perpetual, but unlike the "once only" exclusion, previous winners regain eligibility after a three year cycle. Acknowledging Tigers that most represent the definition of stock, the Howie J. Schoenfeld Award was first bestowed (1984) on a very original, Carnival Red '66 car belonging to Roger Winslow.  Since then, recipients have included; 1985 -Darrell Brunn; 1986 -Nancy Lopez & Ed Ravelli; 1987 -Roger Winslow for a second time; 1988 -Terry Taylor; 1989 -no winner due to SUNI; 1990 -Roger Winslow adds a third recognition; 1991 -Stan Clark; 1992 -Laura Ettinger; 1993 -Dave Dunn; 1994 -again no winner in deference to SUNI II; 1995 -Tom Bennett, who purchased his car from Howie; 1996, two-time holder, Laura Ettinger; 1997 -Dave Dunn, for a second time, but with a different car;  1998 -not awarded because of SUNI III; 1999 -Dick Barker; 2000 -Tim Goodrich; 2001 - Bill Van Velkinburg; 2002 - Bruce Ulrich; 2003 - Mathew Taylor, the son of former honoree, Terry Taylor;  2004 - was another no award year because of SUN IV;  In  2005 - Rob Guerra competing with the former Winslow machine, making that car a four-time winner of this prestigious award;  in 2006 - a very  happy and surprised marque newcomer, Gary Bloom; and then in 2007 another relatively fresh Sunbeam champion - Jim Morris.  2008 saw the Morris's holding the coveted cup for a second time, making them the first back-to-back Schoenfeld winners in Tigers United history.


The George A. Fallehy Marque Contribution Award was new in 1997. It was established as a perpetual honor to acknowledge noteworthy, present-day marque contribution.
The plaque reads, "Offered in memory of George Fallehy, whose ceaseless dedication to building a marque registry benefited Sunbeam Tiger owners worldwide, this award is presented to acknowledge outstanding, contemporary marque contribution".
As of this republishing it has been awarded only three times. 1997 -Mark Olson, 1999 -Rick McLeod and 2000 -Kathleen Kruidhoff. Even though unexplained at this point, no honoree was selected for 2001, 2002, 2003,  2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008, so Miss Kruidhoff continues as the last recipient.

The criteria used to govern the awarding of this trophy is made up of the following:

  1. Contribution is defined as current, sustained activity sufficient to impact the larger marque community.
  2. Recipients shall be chosen from a vigorously solicited pool of nominees, called for by the host club, prior to each Tigers United.
  3. Nominations may be put forth by any interested party and nominees need not be Tiger owners, or active members of any Tiger club.
  4. Selection shall be based upon an evaluation of the nature, scope, relevance and prestige of a nominee's contribution.
  5. Administration of the selection process falls to the elected leadership of the sponsoring club.
  6. Recipients need not be present.
  7. This award is perpetual, but need not be presented yearly if an appropriate candidate cannot be identified.
  8. Eligibility is not limited, except that no nominee shall receive the award twice for the same effort.
  9. The trophy remains with the recipient until a new honoree is chosen.
  10. Upon surrendering the award, prior winners will receive a permanent keepsake.

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