Here it is again.  As we've said before, it really shouldn't fool anybody.  But somehow, shifted around enough, cars
like this never fail to find a venue.  With the beating we gave Kruse International in 2003, I was hoping not to see
it pop up again for quite awhile.  Now however (9/05), it rears its questionable head at,
in North Carolina.  Just so everyone is on the same page, there is no question this car is an  Alpine Conversion
and certainly not worthy of anything like $18,500.00
   Whether "SSauto" owner's, Jeff and Willard Southard, knew they
had counterfeit from the beginning or not, they have the "word" today - 9/10/05.  It might also be prudent to mention
an Alabama license plate (41-29620) spotted in one of the recent photos. 
At this point we await correction to the sales pitch and suggest until that appears, you should
9/28/05 Notice:  There is a new written acknowledgement in the "for sale" description for this car
that the purity of their offing is in question.  It looks as though some nagging has had an affect.
If it's not mentioned elsewhere, the "Registry" has a note that the vehicle carrying 'factory'
chassis number B382100395 was JUNKED in 1997.

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