Bits & Pieces Eleven


Please don't throw me in that briar patch.

No apparent storage problem in Chester's yard.

Primed and waiting the second harvest.

Okie sandwich - hold the fixins.

Where'd I put them visors - under all them air cleaners.

First in "modified" - last in class..

Odd-ball parking, or In & Out body and fender?

B382100493 LRX - French immigrant could use a flag bearer.

It's not likely there's a bull anywhere near.

Skin 'em and bone 'em where they roost.

OK, let's put the good stuff under this here roof.

B9472561 LRX - Stuffed with Boss 302. Taylor's book 191.

Bailely's highly organized inventory storage.

"It's a dragster not a show car". How'd they do that?

Stack-'n-Pack - crossmember -260 - clip - "Coachman" top.

Silver over original "Med-Blue"- B382100621 LRX.

You have to admit this is an amazing display of salvage.  As they say, "one man's ...".  The collection depicted here belongs to one Chester Bailey, of Hulbert, Oklahoma.  My current count of Chester's cars adds up to twelve and includes numbers for five MK IIs.  All of this stuff is supposedly on the market, but the source of the pictures reports less than bargain basement pricing.  If you were here before and tried non-working phone numbers - sorry.  Apparently, Mr. Bailey wants to be difficult.  I'll make one more attempt and lists what is supposed to be a work number - 918-772-3139.

Happy Tigering


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