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As a lead-in to a collectable you may not know exists, I've borrowed and slightly re-worked a couple of items from the November '98 issue of Classic & Sports Cars.  For the philatelist, or even the casual collector, at least one of the land speed record stamps included in the Royal Mail "Speed" presentation pack connects to the Sunbeam Tiger parable.  I'm a sucker for messing with images, so please remember you can't get anything like the displays on this page.

Single stamps similar to these were available by mail order for 2.15 from the Philatelic Bureau, Freepost, 20 Brandon Street, Edinburgh EH3 0HN.  The reference number, 980SA, might smooth things a bit and they do mention postcard size reproduction as stamp cards for 25.  I doubled them up for visual effect and massaged the explanatory text to fit the modified layout.  If you're interested in chasing this sort of thing, you might try some of our good STOC connections to make things easier.

The example to the right, however, is not from the Royal Mail offering.  These stamps were part of the memorabilia brought over from England and first displayed at Tigers United XXII in Eureka.  David Duncanson arranged to purchase a considerable quantity of this unique printing and had them for sale during the 1997 festivities.  There is actually a second stamp in the collection, but because of its gray-scale image, I elected to use the more colorful companion for the exhibit.  I'm certain David still has some of these stamps available.  If you're tempted, you can reach him on the link above.

Happy Tigering


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