Bits & Pieces Eight

List member, Will Seay, passes on a piece of nostalgia from his collection of things not to part with.  A 1972 letter of inquiry to the Traction Master company, wondering about the attributes and cost of the LAT 79 fiberglass hood, returned this very interesting, marked-up photo from (the "LAT Man") Richard Wheatley.  Even though Will was given the opportunity to have the last hood on the planet, he admits to not taking the plunge.

The first time I saw one of these hoods was three months after I purchased B9471590 from English Motors, in Berkeley.  My car was sitting in a service shop awaiting a new wiring harness to replace the one consumed by the engine compartment fire.  Hanging on the wall behind the parts counter was a fresh from the mold LAT 79 hood with a price tag of $135.00. Don't feel bad Will, I didn't get one either.

Other recent list contributions describe a set of seldom seen door panel scuff guards.  In all my Tigering years, rare after-market options like the ones shown in these pictures, have only been found on two, or three cars.  Here we have B382100598, which is now on the market down in Atlanta, GA. Photos come from North Carolinian, Paul Sheahan.  He has been searching for a decent MK II for well over a year-and-a-half.

Tim Jordan, the guy that prompted the discussion of scuff guards, is a SF Bay Area resident, who is just beginning the restoration of chassis B9470080.  Tim's car was saved from a life of long-term outside storage, then used regularly until the clutch refused to cooperate any longer.  When finished, Mr. Jordan's Tiger will be one of the few vinyl dashboard cars to retain its original appearance.

Happy Tigering


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