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As most of us have learned, experience is life's best teacher and in the world of the Sunbeam Tiger, lessons related to changing the clutch are particularly profound.  Since the task usually involves engine and transmission in and out, it's not an activity you'd like to undertake more than once in many many miles.  Those facing the prospect, are also confronted with having to select a replacement clutch assembly.  Asking for a recommendation these days gets you everything from, "put in an automatic", to, "I'm still running the original".  Well, maybe it's time to listen to the preaching of someone who can point to several successful clutch installations over the last few years and the reasons he believes you should follow his lead.  Our minister, the reverend, Larry Atkisson (the Pacific Northwest's resident Tiger guru), has been a champion of the diaphragm clutch since he first installed one in his own machine back in '94.  His particular choice was the "Centerforce Gold" model - CF 280490 plate, CF 360030 disc and N 1439 throwout.  Serviceable in either 5-bolt, or 6-bolt applications, the engagement point is midway through the pedal travel, with an effort only slightly heavier than a bone stock Tiger.  As Larry puts it, well within the scope of manageable, even for the ladies.  Other big pluses include an extremely smooth, but positive hookup and greatly extended clutch life.  Larry now installs nothing else and I have just finished putting his wisdom to work in my own daily buggy.  One of the locals, with his Shelby club discount card, cut a check to the neighborhood speed shop for $243.00 and change, then picked up a fresh pilot bearing from the Ford dealer to wrap up the project.  The jobber price to me was a bit higher, at $271.00, but either way this is the clutch to do the deed.

Happy Tigering


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