Bits & Pieces Six

The Abingdon Works and their "KING DICK" Ltd. line of service tools were well known throughout Europe.  By way of example, the adjustable spanner (pictured at the top left) can be found in many a '60's era British car's tool kit.  A familiar sight to those lucky Tiger owners who've managed to save, or acquire a complete original tool kit, "King Dick" adjustable spanners might soon be available from a contemporary source.  A licensing agreement and detailed drawing are held by Robb Nortier, owner/operator of "British Tool Company", Grand Rapids, MI.  As you can imagine, demand will be the motivating force. Robb also has a supply of the "Lucas" key-shaped feeler gages that are often missing from even the best kept kits.  Now all we need is a purveyor of "Superslim" open-end wrenches, wooden handled screw drivers, weird sparkplug sockets with matching tommy bars, a set of useless wire cutter/pliers, something to remove the naiv plates with and a silly plastic tool roll, tied with a shoestring.

Brithish Tool Company
709 Marietta N.E.
Grand, Rapids, MI 49505

So, if you bought your high-rise manifold new in 1965, the decal on the right would have been found in the Edelbrock box.  Leave it to our good friend, Patrick Burke (a consummate collector down in Los Angeles), to come up with truly off-the-wall memorabilia.  He must have one of everything ever made. Makes you wonder how he keeps it all organized.  I would never suggest you put a sticker like this anywhere on your car, but it might make a decent "in-lieu-of" dash plaque."  You can, of course, install the period induction product of this company with no fear of Rootes reproach.

Happy Tigering


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