Bits & Pieces Five

With some of the recent Tiger mailing list discussion (pertaining to the choice of color for one's restoration re-paint), I couldn't pass up publishing these "before" pictures of Dick Barker's Le Mans "mule".  The hue of eggplant is, no doubt, beautiful and for some, worthy of transplanting to any number of alien objects.

But, this gorgeous representation of personalization fails to engender any socially redeeming characteristics, at least as far as I am concerned.  For those of you interested in the equally clever, homemade sliding-door style window treatments, Dick tells me the pieces are still up in his attic and for the right price you're welcome to them.  I don't recall if he mentioned having any of the paint, but if you just had to have it, I'm sure something could be arranged.

Even though Carroll Shelby had little to do with the hands on development of the Sunbeam Tiger, he was, and is, the man who's energies guided the creation of all things branded "Shelby American".  A huge collection of the "snake charmer's" handiwork was displayed during a special, lifetime honorarium held at the 1997, Monterey Historic's.  To the credit of the "Rootes Groupies", Tigers were found on the entrant's list, prominently displayed in the Shelby Corral and performed well during competition.

The largest and most significant pit gathering of Sunbeam Tigers ever, at Laguna Seca:
Left to right: Dick Barker's Le Mans 'mule', Tony Eckford's Le Mans coupe, Tom Sakai's '65 MK I,
Steven Alcala's '66 MK I and Rick Fitzgerald's '65 MK I.

Happy Tigering


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