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Some have asked about the color scheme used on the LAT-16 decal.  This photo depicts both the most common location for such add-on ornaments and the liberal use of "Tiger Orange".  It's amazing to find a thirty year old, original in any condition, let alone one as good as this.  I hate to admit it, but I deliberately scraped one of these from the quarter window of B9470080 before I understood the significance of its presence.  I have heard, on several occasions, rumors that various people were planning to reproduce LAT-16.

This SVO Oil Filter Adapter is very similar to the Oil Filter unit used on the Ford Econoline Van.  Installation on the Sunbeam Tiger has now been verified.  Even with the original Econoline unit, fitting was a bit of a challenge due to the length of the through-bolt, tight clearances between the crossmember and motor mount and near interference with the pan.  Once in place, the filter hangs down at a slight rearward angle and can be changed from below.  Neither of the adapters will work with headers, unless you are lucky enough to have a set of the old "Cannon style" extractors.

Happy Tigering


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