Picture Show


At the beginning of
Alpines-Powered-By-Ford, Shelby American received one of the earliest factory "tigereized" machines available.  Officially designated AF-3, it (arguably, a story for another time) was shipped minus an engine, or transmission & arrived looking every bit a Series IV (including badge-ing).  With initial race preparation completed & still clad (bottom left) in its 'Carnival Red' attire,  Shelby's gifted test driver, Ken Miles, put his hand to evaluating what would end up re-tinted yellow and initially branded with Lew Spencer's, 45 driver "ident". 

As is often the case with racing cars, Mr. Spencer's ride was adopted by new landlords and relocated to Ohio's Sports Car Forum.  Of course, out of deference to their driver,  the branding iron reemerges to imprint, Don Sesslar's 74 identifier (bottom right & top).  Then, almost unbelievably, prior to his first outing in the California immigrant,  Don suffered a broken rib injury allowing Ken Miles to jump into familiar surroundings, resulting in a checkered flag for 1st in class & 2nd overall in the Road America, Badger 200 (bottom right & top).


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