Picture Show


- One For The Money - One For The Show -

Even though I’m a bit out-of-order presenting the New York Auto Show features in reverse order, I thought you might be interested in another of my recent revelations.  For a long time I was convinced the “AF” car used to introduce Tiger production to the US market, went on to be the car associated with Art Arfons to promote all things, “Worlds Fastest Man On Wheels”.  The logic involved was simple enough.  In April of 1964, Rootes had only two “Alpine Fords” in the states.  One was in California, with Shelby American and the other was in New York, being prepared for the International Automobile Show.  There is little question the show car served double duty.  But, after its second inaugural role on Canada’s CBC,  I Led 3 Lives was not in the cards.  The afterlife of AF-8 (B9470005, according to my lowly efforts to distill Jensen hieroglyphics) disappears from the public blotter until the West Coast's Tigers United in 1991.  The "Arfons" machine turns out to have been on display in 1965 at the 9th International N. Y. Automobile Show.   For those with photo-recall, the “Silver-fox” in Montréal's TV studios (showing off the new Tiger to Canadian audiences) is once again, Malcolm Freshney, the Rootes man in charge of North-Of-The-Boarder corporate interests.  The connective tissue joining these fabulous photos turns out to be a tailpipe extension and a just visible Ford Industrial Division engine plate.

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