Picture Show



Surly, I'm not the first to notice visual discrepancies in period print ads from the Rootes Group, including
these for the
Harrington Alpine.  
With the introduction of the Series III Alpine, had to rework their glass-fiber top molds to accommodate
new windshield, quarter window and door designs.  To be honest,
Harrington designations are rather confusing. 
It's important to understand we're really talking about a type of top.  Even though there was never an official "A" or "B" reference, the "C" moniker entered the published arena during Series II Alpine production, followed by the subject of this Show Time feature.  Once  the "D" type top made the scene, no further design changes occurred. 
The contemporary images depict two of the final iteration: a Series IV "D" type Sunbeam Alpine &
a 1965 model year MK I "D" type Sunbeam Tiger.   

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