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Those who saw the Miles prototype at Tigers United XXII will be glad to know that restoration of that relic has begun. Thankfully, there are a few period pictures to help guide the process. This one comes from Laura Garrad and was taken during the time her late husband, Ian, was driving and evaluating the first marriage of Rootes/Ford. We look forward to the rebirth of this historical artifact and know that under the stewardship of its current owner, Bo Cheadle, the wait will be fully rewarded.

Above: Rare color photo of the Ken Miles prototype just after its fabrication.

Above: A glimpse of how "Jensen" might have handled Tiger bodies as they received them from Pressed Steel.

Long before the Rootes subcontract for Tiger production, "Jensen Motors" had a similar agreement with BMC to assemble much of the Austin-Healey 100/6. The combined body-chassis shells were fully wired, with instruments in place and partially trimmed before transport from Coventry to the Abingdon Healey assembly line. As depicted in this period photo, vehicle lorries carried six bodies in three layers of two. An ongoing investigation focused on the records of MK II production, has revealed an enticing parallel clue to possible "Jensen" assembly line procedures. While it's a bit early to share more than a suspicion, I might suggest you remember the number "SIX".


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