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There are those that will immediately know the significance of the Singer Gazelle, to the Sunbeam Tiger story and therefore understand why I have displayed this somewhat off topic image.

Above: '57 Series I Singer Gazelle.

Others I'm sure, will think they have final confirmation of my often suspected insanity. To all, I direct your attention to those nondescript, chrome headlight "bezels". Yep, they are the spitting image of pieces adopted ten years later to grace the front of 536 production MK II Tigers.

If recent communications and these photos are to be believed, one from the fraternity of six, pre-production MK II's is in dire need of a champion. GDU 343D, built on B382001394 LRXFE is pictured during its better days on the top of page 104 in Mike Taylor's epic.

Speaking of II's, anybody recognize this languishing celebrity unearthed in London?

Current thinking credits this hybrid as the third mock-up in the MK II evaluation program. Mr. Taylor chronicles only five such machines and mis-logs this car as number two in the parade. Subsequent discoveries confirm the existence of an additional "works" effort, creating the need for some minor chicken and egg re-ordering.


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