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For some reason, the stickers used on both the weld-on and bolt-on traction bars were based on totally different art work and no, I don't have a sample to show you at the moment. It's amazing to still be finding cars equipped with these 30-year old options. If "Traction Master" shocks were anything like the Koni's from the same period, they would just be getting broken in about now. I could have just as easily displayed a picture of the Dunlop RS.5, still sitting in the trunk, or the original tool kit, but why be stinky.

Above: These wonderful little markers were found on an original set of "Traction Master" LAT 76 - 77 Rally and Race shocks. I had to work a little "photoshop" magic to make this piece presentable, but you should get the idea.

Above: Now here is something that has to be pretty rare. According to most experts, the majority of MK II production was supposed to have been built for export to North America. Here is an example of one that went to and was first sold in France.

As with all "supposed-to-have-been's", a few exceptions have slipped through the preverbal cracks. Just last month, another of these mysterious "French II's" was reported to the "Registry" and as I've said before, two of anything is no accident. Some will also remember that no production RHD MK II's were slatted to be constructed either, but B382100633 (the last Tiger built) is clearly an example the proves the rule. Aside from the "Hartwell Six" (LHD MK II's converted to RHD), only eleven true HRO MK IIs are known to exist.  Ten of those machines were special commission "English Police Pursuit Vehicles".

Now that Tigers United XXII is ancient history, here are some often overlooked original appliqués that should be found on your "clear hooters". I have seen both colors, although it's a bit difficult to tell what color that should be. The top piece is actually light green paper stock, while the orange item on the bottom is a plastic dymo label style sticker. Don't hurt yourself trying to find a source for these, at least not until the owners associations decide to have a real concours.


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