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Yarn-tufted prototype Daytona Cobra coupe and its chase vehicle during aerodynamic evaluations at "Riverside"

Maybe if we are supremely patient, the Friedman archives will someday relinquish their final gasps of history?  Quietly waiting however, was not involved in unearthing the treats exhibited in this edition of "Glimpses".  Some will know that, Steven Alcala (one of our serious Southern California Alpine/Tiger champions) has, for the last few years, been quietly raiding the "X-Shelby Photog's" collection of all things Sunbeam.  In what can only be called a lonely effort, Mr. Alcala has invested many dollars toward the capture of any image that might lead to a more complete, historical chronicle.  The main subject of this first picture is of course very impressive, but what about that thing in the background with the raised hood?  Well, my friends, that "thing" is the Shelby prepared #45 racecar, before the scoped hood, before the "go quick" emblems and before its pale-yellow paint job.  Amongst the characters milling about one can find Ken Miles, Charlie Agapiou (a-gap-e-o), Peter Brock and John Morton.  This is not a quiz, so I don't lose points for not knowing "idents" for the others.

As long as we're presenting archival discoveries, ogle this exhibit.  If you happen to be one of those creatures with a photographic memory, you might remember reading a very brief listing of the pilots and their racing event on page 163 in Mike Taylor's tome.  You would also know that Mr. Taylor mis-christened both of these gentlemen:  Donald, as Peter and Arthur, as John (if one can trust the veracity of "Competition Press").  When I first saw this snap and its description, all I could question was why Friedman would sit on this picture for so long? Talk about "Mystery 50"!  Anybody care to claim "Phantom Five"?  Needless to mention, if you know anything about the people, the car, or the episode, sound off.

Would you have guessed - Daytona - 1965 - 12th overall with drivers Donald Bolton/Arthur Latta?

Here is some additional information (8/02) supplied by CAT member, Buck Trippel.  He corrects the spelling of Mr. Bolton's name (I had Boulton from both, Taylor & Competition Press) and identifies the sponsoring dealer as Imported Motor Cars of Eaugallie, Florida. 

Friedman's version of Sesslar at Nassau's Oakes Course for the 11th annual "Bahamas Speed Weeks".

Another seemingly overlooked Friedman documentary effort turns up in the next, two glossies.  After struggling to uncover the home photo album contribution of Don Sesslar, who would have thought there were any official "Shelby" pictures from the Nassau saga?  Yep, here it is through the lens of a professional. But regardless, this is the final outing for the old #45 car, albeit seen from a slightly different angle.  (A reread of Historical Glimpses 15 might help put things in better perspective).  Looks like Sesslar did more than crunch the right side during this shoving match with the likes of Ralph Noseda-Cobra, Bruce McLaren-Ford G.T., Ken Hall-Corvette, Tom Payne-Cobra, Bob Johnson-Cobra, Skip Scott-Mustang and Walt Hansgen-Ferrari.  When last reported, the soul of this car (transferred to the second-generation #74 car) is in outside storage down in Florida.

"Mystery Fifty", "Phantom Five" and now "Double 0 Seven".  This car's stock appearance has prompted several to insist that it is an Alpine.  Even though I have found a few errors in Friedman's photo notes, I don't think mistaking 8 cylinders for 4, on the racetrack could be one of them.  Someone will surely know the meaning of "N" in front of the number - right?  As it turns out, Alpine racing enthusiast, Steve Silverstein reports that the "N" indicates an "Islander" (local Nassau competitor)Thanks for sharing.  Someone else should, no doubt, notice the similarity of the center-grill air deflector to the one depicted above.  One of the faithful will have been at the race - with luck. Nonetheless, aside from now knowing a drivers name, we are completely in the dark about all else - your move.

Anybody know where this guy might have ended up?  Sidney Oaks was also a Nassau participant in December of the 1964.


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