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Amazing pictures from the past - a chronicle of the very last racing outing for what was originally the Shelby prepared #45 car. These photos are from Don Sesslar's private collection and were taken in December of 1964, at Nassau's Oakes Course, during the 11th annual "Bahamas Speed Weeks" event. 

I didn't believe the story when Don told me the #45 car had come to Sports Car Forum with a black hardtop. When he added that they had fitted that top for the Bahamas trip, I was blown away. The strategy behind the move had to do with a class advantage as a GT. The windshield donor was clearly a white car, presumably a dealership vehicle that could be placed on temporary hold.

Nassau locals pose in front of their digs during one of the few calm moments of the week. Pit-side bodywork leaves little room for cosmetics, but its what can't be seen that brought an end to the festivities. 

A brand new Sports Car Forum car for 1965 - well, almost brand new. In truth, the soul of the car belongs to the "Snake". But, unlike its progenitor, the wheel arches on B9470605 LRXE were severely reshaped. So much so, that the trim line was completely discarded.

Revealing wouldn't you say. No longer any question about LAT 31 wheels, I guess. For those of you who don't have any idea what I'm talking about, read on. Doane must have been gilding the Lilly slightly when he claimed shipping one of his DANA 23's, front hub setups and some wheels to Ohio. Sesslar remembers no such occurrence and no matter how many times you count, there are only four openings in those Halibrands, not the five involved with Doane's creations.
Mid-Ohio racing enthusiasts from the middle 60's should remember this car with some fondness. Don held the track record there for quite some time.


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