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Above Left: Proposed Tiger front suspension. Above Right: Doane Spencer's version for HSC #55.

Doane's changes involved some fairly subtle manipulation. Once past the 5-lug pin drive hub, you can just make out the flipped rotor. The effect of this juggling, repositions the complete assembly outward by almost 1/2-inch, each side. Some minor fiddling with caliper mounting, a scruffy, but functional cooling duct in place of the normal dust shield, plus switching to longer Alpine steering arms resulted in a setup that could accept nearly straight track rods. Adopting a rack from the MG line and adjusting the mounting point slightly toward the engine, was the last little fudge-factor needed. Credit for the enormous difference on the track must also be shared with (driver) Jim Adams, who's upper body strength allowed him to man-handle the heavy effort, quick ratio steering that was key to the new maneuverability.

Above: More of the Spencer brain trust.

The added fuel tank dips into the spare tire well with a small box containing the fuel pickup and cuddles the space reserved for a racing size battery. Original Tiger side tanks remain functional and appear to be interconnected via the central cross-over pipe. An aluminum cased T-10 is also not your everyday, ho-hum item. Others might know with certainty the source for this dual patterned main case, but I'm guessing Cobra. Doane also rejected the mass of unsprung weight represented by the production Dana 44, selecting instead, a much lighter cousin, the Dana 23. Once equipped with a posi, the housing's gear lube volume was greatly reduced. To insure proper operation, Doane designed an aluminum rear cover (LAT-36 - pictured on page 84 of my book) that not only aided cooling, but also increased the center section capacity.


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