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An impressive 24" X 36" depiction of  the Rootes Group's split personality celebrity - “project 870”, AF-1,  7734 KV.

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 This 2ft X 3ft offering features the only known image of  the "Group's" second Tiger prototype - AF-2 - 9274 KV.

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The Rootes version of  "Race On Sunday, Sell On Monday".  6 sq. ft. of AF-3 after its Carroll Shelby hormone treatments.

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AF-4, 5778 KV, the "photo-face" for all things Alpine 260 during initial Sunbeam V8 development. 

PP-5   $75.00 + Shipping    Sold Out.
See-thru underpinning.  Factory sketches from the pen of a gifted "etch-a-sketcher" named Bennett.

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Rack 'em, Stack 'em, Pack 'em and Track 'em.   LHD for export headed into history on both sides of the pond. 

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"What's My Line" candidates after four decades - the cars, not the people.  Celebrities in the shadows.

PP-8   $75.00 + Shipping    Sold Out.
Alpine V8  #1.  Without the "Miles" effort there would have been no Sunbeam Tiger.  Happily, the "Force" was with him Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

PP-9   $75.00 + Shipping    Sold Out.
"The White Car".
Not a  poor man's anything.  Its creation budget would equal $70,354.50 in today's greenbacks.

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Gin & Tonic, Vodka Rocks, Whiskey Sour, but definitely some
"T" & Collins.

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If these images are a mystery to you, you're on the wrong website.  All I can say is
 Doane Spencer, Jim Adams & "Black Magic"

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Primary Alpine/Tiger Genealogy - Question #1, if you can decode "RAS",  move your desk to the head of the class.
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